On May 3rd we will have our second seminar session on Assessment in CLIL.  As you will remember, on April 5th  we focused on the importance of prioritizing formative assessment over summative assessment and the tools to put it into practice, making special emphasis on the need to combine teacher's assessment with self and peer assessment . We also provided  attendees with some examples of learner-friendly CLIL tests, which could be described as tests that include visual support to facilitate students' understanding of the tasks. 

Our next session on this challenging issue, will be a Q and A session in which we will pose a series of essential questions about assessment and we will ask you to answer them by considering  what you have learnt through  your CLIL practice.

Needless to say that we are not thinking of making you suffer by stressing you out. We expect to find the most suitable answers to key issues related to assessment among all participants. The most recent  research and publications on the topic will be of great help to walk on safe ground. 

Therefore, below these lines you can find  the questions  so that you can think them over and be ready to take part in our virtual panel discussion next Tuesday:

- Which types of assessment can you think of? When and what for?

- How can we identify effective assessment?

- What do we assess: content or language or both?

- What tools can be used for assessment?

- How can we assess previous knowledge and progression?

- How can I deal with learning difficulties?

- How can we minimize the effect of the language or lack of it in the content assessment?

- How can we assess the skills/processes/competences? 

- How can we assess group work? 

- Who assesses?

- Do you give students feedback on their language? How?

- Should we provide students with assessment criteria when they present or write in the subject area? If so, how?


 Looking forward to meeting you all on May 3rd and listening to your ideas on the aforementioned questions. 

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