Jason Skeet , NILE training consultant, delivered a very interesting  on-line webinar on Feedback and Assesment in CLIL on April 2nd. Skeet is an experienced consultant and trainer in CLIL at Utrecht University and has provided advice and training for bilingual schools throughout The Netherlands. If you could not attend this webinar, now you can listen to the complete recording here. The ppt  slides that he used can be found here. I reckon they offer a very clarifying insight into the complex issue of Feedback and Assessment in CLIL. 

There is no doubt that any educator needs to adjust his/her teaching taking assessment into account and as CLIL practitioners, in the teaching and learning process, we should  focus not only on content, and not only on language. Each is interwoven, even if the emphasis is greater on one or the other at a given time. All this should be considered when facing  assessment

Next seminar session we will tackle this challenging issue. Our focus will be placed on looking at practical suggestions and ideas that can be applied in a CLIL classroom.

Apart from this, our session on April 21st will be the first of two sessions in which seminar members will present the work they have done on oral skills in content areas, written presentations, other activities that have proved to be truly successful and  personal sites where diverse  CLIL units have been uploaded.

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