The CLIL Wheel


Before starting our Christmas break, I would like to  let you know about a new visual representation of CLIL. It has been developed  by Alexandra Zaparucha, a Polish teacher and teacher trainer.   It is called the CLIL Wheel.  Alexandra  has tried to combine the more traditional understanding of CLIL (4Cs) with the 10 CLIL Parameters. 

The CLIL Wheel does not favour one approach at the expense of the other. On the contrary, it combines the two in full harmony by matching the individual Cs of CLIL with the appropriate parameters. In the end, both the 4Cs and the 10 parameters describe what is going on during a CLIL lesson, but from a slightly different angle.

 Alexandra has kindly shared these  A-3 posters with us:

Here you can download the CLIL wheel

This is the poster that shows the 10 parameters. 

 If you follow this link, you will find the recording of her talk on her approach   for the 39th TESOL France International Colloquium, which took place last November 22nd. It is a showcase of the CLIL Wheel and its 10 Parameters, supported by examples. I am sure that you will find it both clarifying and inspiring.

This year is coming to an end so I would like to thank you for reading and making this forum a wonderful meeting point for CLIL-ing together for another year and I would also like to wish you all: 



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