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LFEE team, Languages for Education inEurope, has  shown their expertise in the field of education  through the development of several key programmes which include Developing International Projects for Schools (DIPS).   Regarding recent projects, I would like to congratulate them on ELAPSE: Embedding Languages Across Primary and Secondary Education (2018-2020). 

The resources you  will  find  by clicking the link above put into practice the CLIL principles we have been analyzing in our seminar sessions and they include some features which are usually not available on free platforms, such as  short scripts for the target language that the teacher might want to use as well as  sound files which provide models of those scripted items.  

The lesson plans  have been designed and collated by native speaker teachers for learners in upper Primary and lower Secondary schools. The recommended age and stage is indicated in the Lesson Plans. Some are for a sequence of lessons, whereas others are just for single lessons, and all the  resources can be adapted to fit your individual teaching context.

If you want to know about ELAPSE, there is a recording of the webinar which took place in November 2020. You can follow it below these lines:

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