Building rapport in the remote classroom



Cambridge University Press organized Global Schools festival from November 24th till November 26th. The talks focused on trying to give an answer to the big questions about the future of teaching and learning in schools around the world.  If you missed the sessions you can now watch them on Global Schools festival YouTube playlist. 

 I would higly recommend you to watch Nik Peachey's session on "Building rapport in the remopte classroom".

 The session covers a number of issues related to building rapport with and among remote students. This includes:

  • Setting up the webcam and working with the visible space effectively.
  • Being aware of how you use your voice
  • Building remote teams so that students work collaboratively
  • Building positive classroom dynamics
  • The importance of socialisation
  • Empathising with students

·        Nik Peachey provides teachers with practical tips and advice as well as some suggestions for activities that help promote a stronger interpersonal connection in the remote classroom.


  You can watch his session here.



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