QUILLIONZ: an AI-powered question generator that creates reading activites

Educators are hearing more and more about Artificial Intelligence and its benefits to help us save time and effort. Today, I would like to present an AI-powered question generator that allows you to choose a text from any content area in English and create a set of comprehension questions around it. Its name is Quillionz, created by Harbinger AI, a part of Harbinger Group. Harbinger Group is a global leader in eLearning and software product engineering.

What do you have to do to  stop spending long hours on creating questions on the texts your students need to understand? All you have to do is register and find the text you want to use. I would like to point out that Quillionz works best with content that is structured and factual. At the moment, it does not generate higher-order implicit questions but they state it is part of their roadmap so we should keep an eye on the development of this tool. 

Quillionz is perfect if you are looking for questions that ask your learners to identify and recall specific entities, key words, and phrases, define key terms, and describe key ideas encountered in the content. Quillionz also creates questions that evaluate your learners’ ability to explain causal relationships based on explicitly stated reasoning and cite examples of general ideas expressed in the content.

 Would you like to see how  Quillionz  works? Just follow the tutorial below:

I reckon we need tools like this and I am sure that you will find how to make a personalized use of it that suits your classroom purposes. For instance, why not let students choose texts they are interested in and prepare questions they can ask their peers? 

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