Science, Technology and Math coming alive through Engineering Design

TeachEngineering is a  digital collection of  hands-on activities for teaching Science, Engineering Design and Maths  at both Primary and Secondary levels.

The TeachEngineering collection provides educators with free access to a  wide range of  videos  which include a thorough description of the activities you can carry out as well as the materials list and the cost of it.

Sprinkles (shortened versions of the most popular activities)  are described both in English and Spanish, which will be very helpful for  some students  in our school contexts. This is a good example of it.

How do you  get access? From any page, enter your search terms into the top right search box or use the Find Curriculum search on the home page to find what you want for your classroom. You can also use the monthly  editor's pickmost popular and recently added features to examine the lessons and activities - all available from the home page.

Membership is not required.  An optional MyTE workspace allows you to keep track of your favorite lessons and activities, or to share your experiences. 

No doubt, our heartfelt  thanks should be given to the University of Colorado  for their great contribution to our STEM classrooms. 

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