In this post, I would like to provide you with some video channels for different content areas.

Fran Gregorio Videos is dedicated to providing teachers and students a powerful new resource to combat student apathy. Here you will find dramatic, visually stunning video "trailers" in the Natural Sciences choreographed to powerful music, designed to motivate and inspire students at the beginning of a lesson to the wonders of Biology, Earth Science, Astronomy or Chemistry.

From mainly visual videos to visual and verbal videos, I would highlight Crash Course channel. Content areas are very diverse: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Economics, Philosophy, World History, and many more. 

A very useful channel around "eternal" questions is The School of Life. It mainly focuses on philosophical and ethical issues but some videos on figures from Universal Literature are really good too. I have chosen the following one on Leo Tolstoi for you to enjoy:

For specific content areas, look below at the list of channels I highly recommend:




This was the second  post on video channels for CLIL classes and I am sure it will not be the last one because video channels are, no doubt,   ever-increasing on-line tools that will be very useful in the learning process of any content area in our classrooms. 

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