Welcome to a new school year which will bring all of us new opportunities to deepen into our knowledge  about the teaching-learning  process  of English as a foreign language.

One of the aims of the seminars I will be developing in Getxo will be to increase sensitivity towards language diversity in the classroom and to provide teachers with resources so as to make students actively engaged in this challenging aim.  This is why I have decided to write my first entry on this blog on an event which will sure help all of us to create the proper atmosphere to value language and cultural diversity among our students. I am referring  to the European Day of Languages, which on  the initiative of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg,  has been celebrated every year since 2001 on  September 26th.

How can teachers and students get involved in some way  in the European Day of Languages?

FOR TEACHERS of languages or, indeed, of other subjects the Day offers multiple possibilities: the opportunity to learn about other cultures, traditions and languages which are not normally presented in the classroom; the opportunity to promote the pupils creative talents by putting on sketches illustrating the languages that they can speak, set up language cafes, highlight all the languages spoken in the school…

Don’t forget to check out the material available for download.

STUDENTS will  learn more about language diversity  by taking  part in these fun online activities

I hope you will participate because the EDL website is now available in 25 languages so you will find everything you need for your linguistically diverse classes. If you want to promote your event, you can tell your local newspaper or join  the Facebook group on this. Please,  don't forget to mention the address of the EDL website

Before meeting all of you in October, let me finish by thanking all of you for the interest you are showing in the seminars  and in the different training events I am organizing around English language teaching. 

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