I wrote about CLIL Magazine some months ago and I am happy to write again about it because the Spring issue can already be read here.

I am sure you are going to find  lots of interesting articles in this second issue. As I know the areas of interest of all of you who attend the seminar, please allow me  to remark on the following ones: 
Exploring the advantages and disadvantages of using Drama in the classroom to help motivate learners
CLIL up your lesson: A new series of articles focused on what you can do in your lesson to use CLIL. This issue we will focus on the subject P.E.
Every teacher is a language teacher: An article by Bart-Jan van der Lindert on the importance of using English in your class as a bilingual teacher
The importance of making your target language expectations clear  (This has been the focus of some of our seminar sessions so I reckon it is going to help you back up our firm belief that students need specific kinds of scaffolding in  CLIL classes ).
Why the flipped class will flop: An opinion article by Brad Philpot. You can also join the discussion about this article online.
CLIL in Biology: two "organic" activities
There are many other articles that you will enjoy reading and when we meet  again in October,  we will talk about them. 
From these lines, many thanks to Patrick de Boer, Chief Editor of the CLIL Magazine, as well as to all writers who have contributed to it.

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