The ECML is a Council of Europe institution based in Graz, Austria. In cooperation with the Language Policy Division of the Council the Centre functions as a catalyst for reform in the teaching and learning of languages.  The ECML is undoubtedly a reference point for all who are interested in excellence in language education. 

From these lines I would like to recommend a kit of CLIL units that has been the fruitful outcome of the CONBAT project   (CONTENT BASED TEACHING + PLURILINGUAL/CULTURAL AWARENESS). 

The units have been developed in English, French and Spanish and are aimed at Primary and Secondary levels. Each of the units has got detailed information about the author(s), target group, subjects, aims, competences, timing and needed resources. There are materials for teachers and for students in both pdf and Word formats. You can access the units from here.

Allow me to end this entry by giving you a piece of advice: scroll down the ECML home page till you get to the bottom, click on "register" and spend a couple of minutes to fill in the requested information because registering will give you free access to loads of interesting publications related to key language issues. The book of the month, "A Framework of Reference for Pluralistic Approaches", offers  a very powerful description of reference descriptors, attitudes, competences and resources that can be developed by pluralistic approaches. 

In my view, the sections on culture and attitudes come at just the right time for our seminar sessions which now  are being focused on CLIL planning with the 4Cs. 

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