CLILSTORE: A store of copyleft CLIL materials


Next Tuesday we will meet for our last CLIL seminar session in 2021 and we will focus on preparing students across the curriculum for their final term oral presentations. As in every online session, we will peep into the most useful ICT resources to help your students with their oral outcomes. Besides, we will also talk about new CLIL units which you can access for free from different sources. One of these sources deserves special attention due to its  wide range of units for different language levels and topics: Clilstore.

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and partners from several countries, including Spain (Valencia) have  worked hard  to offer all CLIL teachers  this amazing platform where you are bound to find motivational resources for your classrooms.  

Clilstore uses Wordlink, a tool  which links arbitrary webpages automatically, word by word with online dictionaries. And Wordlink in turn uses Multidict, a multiple dictionary lookup facility which makes use of freely available online dictionaries. Both Wordlink and Multidict were developed as part of the European funded POOLS-T project (2008-2010) and their development is continuing as part of the present COOL project.

This video shows how both students and teachers can enjoy the full range of resources provided by Clilstore: 


My heartfelt congratulations to all participants in Clilstore project. There is no doubt that their hard work has clearly paid off. 

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