e-Twinning projects that foster CLIL

Among the e-Twinning projects that received the European Quality Label 2018 for their outstanding work I am very happy to write the name of one of our CLIL Seminar participants:

 Amaya Alonso
 IES Antonio Trueba 
 Project: Anatomic@art

Country members are Tunisia, Ukraine and Spain (Leopoldo Queipo from Melilla  and Antonio Trueba High Schools ) and students who took part in it are 14-17-year olds. 

You can access the project from  here.

The project aims to study the  specific anatomy  of the human body and its relation with works of art from different subjects  (Literature, Drawing, Sculpture, Music, ...). Students work in groups  which focus on  an  organ, explain  its structure and physiology and how they have been the object of important works of art. 

The project was awarded Four European Quality labels so I must say I feel very proud that a teacher from our CLIL seminar has taken part in  such a powerful project which shows clear evidence that through e-Twinning schools can develop foreign  languages, digital skills, specific subjects like Science and creativity.

Let me finish by encouraging all of you to take part in an e-Twinning project that wil fit perfectly into your CLIL contexts and reminding you that Amaya will show us the process they followed  in our next seminar session in May.

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