Fairtrade Fortnight is an annual promotional campaign which happens once every year, organized and funded by the Fairtrade Foundation to increase awareness of Fairtrade products. It is possible thanks to the work of  volunteers who support the goals of Fairtrade but who are also committed to the more general concepts of ethical trading or development issues. 

Therefore, why not enter the resources section and explore this topic further with your students?   You will  find everything you need to teach about Fairtrade in    your  school.  It is  a great opportunity to explore with learners many issues that face our global society:  where our food comes from, interconnectedness, sustainable development and the power of the individual. 

You can search for resources by location or by resource type. You can also use the interactive map if you prefer to search by region or filter by resource type, product focus or the age of your learners. Short films are also available. 

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