Eustat, the website that gives you access to statistical data from the Basque Country, has improved its educational section remarkably by  adding a number of units in English both for students and teachers. 

You will find a set of educational units that contain worksheets with 10 tasks and 1 test. You can download and print the worksheets. They are in pdf format and you will also find a full teacher's pack: duration, topics, difficulty, skills, resources and description. You can access all the worksheets for an educational unit or search for them individually to find the one that most meets your needs. This is the list of educational units for Secondary level:

You can download them from here.

If you are new to Eustat, you will get an idea of what it is about by watching  the following introductory video:

I reckon that by spending some time on the website, you will find the units that best suit your needs, especially if you are teaching Geography or Computer Science. .

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