Today I would like to share with CLIL practitioners in Secondary schools a project which was developed with the support of the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union. Participant countries were Bulgaria, Ireland, Romania, Turkey and Spain and their project mainly aims at providing learners with skills in 3 key competences:

  • social entrepreneurship skills;
  • foreign language skills;
  • ICT skills.
The project was thought for the field of Vocational Education and Training but when you see the intellectual outputs, you will find it really useful for your Secondary classrooms too. Before proceeding to describe what this project consists in, I would like to  insist that  all users of the SET2CLIL materials should refer to the project when using those materials. The reference source will be the SET2CLIL website.

The trainers' guide will provide you with an overview of the project so that you can figure out  the magnitude of the materials and the way they have been organized. 

The e-repository  offers   5 modules which contain 30 KITs with over 150 activities and resources. A KIT contains suggested teaching activities as described in its corresponding lesson plan at the end of the trainer’s guide. Most KITs offer activities related to real-life cases. Apart from these modules, the repository also provides you with 30 case studies from the five countries that have taken part in the project. 

As you have probably guessed by now, the range of teaching units which can be used in our CLIL classrooms is enormous. I am sure that teachers who implement Economics, Citizenship, Ethical  Values, Tutorials and Global issues will find an invaluable source of teaching materials. I would like to encourage you to contact the team who has developed the project and also to let them know what you think about it through the evaluation form provided on the website.  

Once again, I would like to express my most  heartfelt  congratulations on this project to all participants. Your hard work has truly paid off.

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