Recycle, Reduce, Reuse through TrashedWorld

I would like to congratulate Keith Kelly, Clive Oxenden and  Keith Halstead   because their project TrashedWorld is among the finalists for the ELTons 2017. TrashedWorld is a global schools' platform for curriculum exchange work on the topic of waste. Its aim is to help develop English language skills in secondary schools while developing awareness among young people of the worldwide problem of waste and its impact on the environment.

To celebrate their  nomination, they are offering free subscription to TrashedWorld till the finals on June 14th. This means access to resources from over 300 schools from all over Europe for free!

Listen to  Keith below these lines to see how to take part in this  wonderful project which is so necessary for our beloved  planet:


You can also read the  TrashedWorld Bulletin 04 , which is  dedicated to this announcement and includes simple steps for finding and working with partners for exchanging student work. You can find it here

Once again, congratulations to Keith Kelly and his team   on the superb work they have done and thank you very much for offering our CLIL teachers  this great opportunity. Taking part in TrashedWorld  will sure  contribute to making our students aware of the impact of waste and  change habits so  as to prevent damage to our environment.

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  1. Thanks Loli, very much, for spreading the word. All interested teachers are very welcome to take up the offer. Subscribing now gives them free access to the TrashedWorld programme for the next 12 months!