Using newspaper and magazine articles in the content areas

Needless to say that we do not have to supply students with physical newspapers. We are very lucky to have online versions of most newspapers, some of which with lesson plans that can be very helpful when you like the article but you lack the necessary time to prepare some activities for students to carry out while and after reading. The Guardian includes a series of free  lesson plans for different content areas. The New York Times also offers a learning section with lesson plans. 

Next seminar I will present some of my favourite activities to make the most of using newspaper and magazine  articles in the  classroom but before we meet let me share some of them with you.  You can find them here

To help students with summarizing skills and  new vocabulary when reading newspaper articles, you can use this template  provided by Readwritethink.

Most newspapers are included here:

You can find some worksheets that relate to newspaper articles here:

The following is a collection of online magazines on very different topics:

For Science topics:

For History content:

Spanish El País can be read in English:

More student-friendly  websites you can use:


  1. Thank you for inspiration, very good material for Women's Day activities. Teaching source offers activity plan with useful activities for reading, listening and writing. Thanks a lot. Alena and colleagues from Primary school, Slovakia.

  2. Thank you very much, Alena. Regards to your colleagues in Slovakia.