FACTWorld and CLIL

The Bulgarian English Teachers' Association  held a Conference in Sofia on June 6th 2015 and Keith Kelly developed a  very clarifying workshop on 'CLIL for ELTs'. 

Throughout our seminar sessions we have been talking about the need to provide students who are learning an area through English with the language support  which will enable them to understand the content as well as to write about it or prepare an oral presentation on it.  You will find a very  clear example of how to support students with the required language on Heredity. 

As you run through the slides, you will also witness how groups of students carry out project based learning  in Science classes.  There are different examples for young learners but I like one that  shows a a group of very young learners working on "Let's launch a rocket together" and we can see how they have a great time while  they learn content related to rocket design  and use the language they need  (nouns, action verbs and the language of comparison).

The slides also include very interesting  "product" projects, one of which I highly recommend for Chemistry teachers: Chemistry as a Cultural Enterprise. Here you will be able to take part in School partnership projects and/or see the projects that have already been completed.  I also reckon that  Chemistry teachers  are bound to find the  "Publications" and "News" sections really interesting.

One of the last slides includes some essential references for those  teachers who implement different areas at Primary and Secondary levels  through English , such as the Forum for across the Curriculum Teaching and the  Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council  website.  The section called "News, events and publications" will  open a door to   a great deal of news that can add an element of motivation to your classes.  There are clearly written texts and in some cases  there is a video and even the video transcript itself.  If you enter here, you will find a nice example: "How do we choose the food we eat?" 

Therefore,  I would like to thank Keith Kelly  for sharing this  workshop with all of us.  You can follow it  below these lines:

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