October is already here  and that means I have the pleasure of welcoming all of you who have registered for the CLIL seminar in Getxo Advisory centre to our first seminar session together next Tuesday, October 21st. Certainly it is a blessing to have the responsibility of trying to facilitate the work of fifteen teachers from different Secondary schools who implement diverse areas in English: Technology, Geography, Science, Physics and Chemistry,   Philosophy, Citizenship, Ethics, Drama and Computer Science. 

My main concern for this first seminar session is to start developing   some of the many common goals that all CLIL practitioners must have, independently of the area they teach. Therefore, I will be focusing on:

-  The need of sharing  the  challenges, objectives and assessment criteria  of our project with our students

-  The language needs with respect to content

- Classroom language for planning and carrying out tasks in any area

- Scaffolding strategies to make content acquisition easier for students
  (Have a look at the consequences of a failure in scaffolding in the image above these lines)

- Language skills (reading, listening, speaking and writing): how to introduce them, when, how often, etc.

-  Use of the mother tongue in CLIL contexts as a bridging tool

-  Web-based resources to facilitate the learning process

- Examples of  CLIL practice through video viewing and follow-up by seminar members

It seems we know to which port we sail  and that is indeed the first step to favourable wind. Welcome aboard  our CLIL ship!

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