UN Women

UN Women is the  new United Nations agency whose mission is to empower women and girls around the world. This year, International Women's Day will focus on ending violence against women, which is a top priority for UN Women. They believe in the power of music to change the world and so does Beth Blatt, who   wrote the lyrics, inspired by the incredible stories of women UN Women have helped. She  asked Graham Lyle ("What's Love Got To Do With It," etc.) to write the music, and he partnered with Somalian-British singer-songwriter Fahan Hassan.         

One Woman was the grand finale of the UN Women  launch ceremony on International Women's Day, 2010

Three years later, "One Woman" is ready. On March 8th -- International Women's Day -- they will release the song which  is aimed at  touching  the hearts of people everywhere. 25 internationally-acclaimed artists have taken part in the recording of the song. 

They sing for these women:
  • Cathy Eatock is an aboriginal woman and survivor of child sexual assault who pressed charges against her assailant despite resistance from her own community.
  • Mayerlis Angarita, a survivor of the armed conflict in Colombia, is using the power of words and the recovery of collective memory as a healing mechanism for the ravages of conflict and as a tool to raise awareness of women's rights.
  • After being attacked with a knife by in-laws, Shehnaz Bano filed a case under India's Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act -- a move that allowed her to escape the spiral of dowry-related abuse and likely saved her life.

You can read about these courageous women if you enter the  (s)heroes  page  at the top of the screen (just below the title "One woman")  and you can watch some video clips with the artists' views on women's  rights by clicking on the   artists page. 

Apart from enjoying the song you can check how much  you know about   some facts on violence against women by taking the SAY NO QUIZ .  (What's more, every point you score counts towards the Say NO action counter.). 

Therefore, why not buy a song, take a quiz or donate  a tweet  if these simple 
actions can help improve women's lives all around the world?

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