Using geolocation in CLIL

Geolocation, also called geotagging, is the practice of associat­ing a digital resource with a physical location.
The Earth's surface has been mapped using a longitude and latitude coordinate for every location and technologies such as Google Maps allow for quick access to a geolocation.

Educational Applications 

  • Alternative way of accessing geolocation data rather than textbook pictures
  • Opportunities for cross curricular activities to build knowledge beyond subject specific area
  • Address K-12 curricular outcomes in Science, Math, Social and Physical Education, Languages...
  • ...

We think that developing geolocation tasks with Google Maps may be very useful in CLIL learning-teaching processes as  students will have the opportunity to carry out tasks for different purposes while linking them to the real world. In addition to that, these activities may be very engaging for learners.

Here is a simple Google Maps tutorial:

and another sample map:

Ver Meñaka en un mapa más grande

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