Those of you who have been attending the CLIL seminars know about most of the tools I am going to suggest but  this may be a proper time to try  and  choose just a few of them  to help you decide among the many available tools: 

  • Google Classroom 
  • Wizer (an interactive “worksheet” generator)
  • Liveworksheets (interactive online exercises with self-correction on a variety of subjects and topics) 
  • Quizizz (online games)
  • EdPuzzle (create interactive videos)
  • Quizlet (flashcard and game generator). 
  • NearPod ( you can find or create interactive lessons for all subjects in minutes)

 I reckon the following tips by educator Larry Ferlazzo can also be useful:

No matter how many years we have been into teaching, this situation has transformed all of us into NEW teachers  who face a completely new challenge so let's be patient and share our doubts and achievements too. I am looking forward to reading your comments. 

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