In this post I would lke to make you aware of a website for 8-to 18-year-old students created by a group of teachers who hope to foster and  develop a love for learning the subject of Geography. 

From the home page, you can browse through the many project types to:
  • Create geography models of globes, volcanoes, earthquakes, rivers, settlements, weather, mountains, coasts, and more.

  • Use paper craft templates to make printable models, animals, international theme models, and flags to color.

  • Build 3D maps.

  • Make volcano models with great ideas for exploring the world of volcanoes.

  • Construct pop up models of a river drainage basin, the Beaufort Wind force scale, and population density.
They also offer teachers the chance to let them know about  some other Geography topics which would lend themselves well to being made into models. If you wish, you can get in touch with them through this form and help the authors to increase the appeal of learning Geography. 

May I offer my  heartiest congratulations to the teachers who maintain 3D geography site. 

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