Preparing the path for students' active engagement in Global learning

The EAThink Kit, included in the European project eathink 2015,  is a working tool including the best Global Learning Units for Primary and Secondary school teachers, global education trainers and volunteers engaged in educational activities on global learning and sustainable agriculture. You can download the different Kits developed by the EAThink partners in several languages, Basque included. 

Below the language section, you will find a series of very useful tags that you can use to search for the units that you may prefer depending on the subject you teach (Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Ethics, etc.)

In 2015,  “Eat local, think global” was the motto this three-year EU funded project chose to prepare students for facing their responsibilities as active global citizens, starting from the choice of what they eat.

Far from bidding farewell to this powerful project in 2018, you can start welcoming it into your schools if you have not known about it till now because it is being constantly updated. In fact, just some days ago I knew about a new series of activities that will be launched in 2018-2019 at Primary and Secondary schools in the Basque Country. You can find everything about the workshops and activities Euskalfondoa has organized here.

If you wish to use the classroom units in Basque, just click here. Classroom resources in Spanish can be downloaded here. Regarding the units in English, this is the link to download them.

There is no doubt that these superb resources will help educators to enhance students’ critical understanding of and active engagement in global development challenges, focusing on sustainable food systems and smallholder farming.

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