Julie Dearden's research on EMI

The British Council web site has just published
Julie Dearden's research on English as a medium of Instruction Julie Dearden is the Senior Research and Development Fellow in English as Medium of Instruction (EMI) at Oxford University Department of Education (OUDE) and has a particular interest in the global shift from English being taught as a ‘foreign’ language to English being used as a medium of instruction for other academic subjects. She is a member of the OUDE Applied Linguistics research group which aims to increase understanding of the acquisition and use of language from both a theoretical and a practical perspective. Julie manages a new research centre which was established in March 2014: EMI Oxford. This centre conducts research into English as Medium of Instruction

The report is a bird's eye view or a snapshot of the views and issues involved when implementing EMI. The report is based on a recent worldwide survey conducted with British Council staff acting as informed respondents and covers 55 countries, Spain included. The study was conducted from October 2013 to March 2014 and investigated the current situation of EMI in terms of country's particularities, subjects being taught through EMI and important variables according to educational phases. 

I reckon this publication offers a deep insight into the crucial factors which influence effective EMI and essential implications for classroom contexts are accurately described. In short, a must-read for CLIL practitioners.

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