The Roles of Language in CLIL

If time allows us, on our session on January 29th  I'd like to spend some time on the roles of language in CLIL which have been very thoroughly studied by Ana Llinares, Tom Morton and Rachel Whittaker in the book "The Roles of Language in CLIL" published by CUP.  
"The Roles of Language in CLIL" provides a theoretically based approach to the  integration of language and content in Primary and Secondary contexts addressed to a range of stakeholders in Content and Language Integrated Learning. Adopting the framework of systemic functional linguistics, this book raises practitioners' awareness of how language functions in CLIL. 
Drawing on their wide experience as CLIL educators and researchers, the authors explore data collected in real CLIL classrooms and provide a rich description of how CLIL students' language works and may be expected to develop.
One of the authors of the book, Ana Llinares, is a Senior lecturer in the English Department, Madrid Universidad Autónoma and she will be delivering a talk on this topic on May 15th at Getxolinguae. It is therefore a good idea that we have a look at her work before the conference takes place

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