Towards Digital Formative Assessment ( writing skill )

During these last weeks, I have been trying to help teachers by providing them with councelling on how to implement online teaching  as well as with easy-to-use tools to  develop  DFA (Digital Formative Assessment) .  Regarding the latter, a great number of teachers have been asking me about new ways to assess students' written work.  I would like to reply to this request by asking you to watch the tutorial on Kaizena created by  Pilar Torres, a Secondary teacher from IES Angel Saavedra, in Córdoba. 

If you  wish to know what Kaizena is about before watching the video, this would be a very short summary of its many features: Kaizena is a free Google ad-on that  teachers can use  to manage the entire writing feedback process, from prewriting to publishing.  You can add audio comments too because it provides you with the possibility to offer students individual multi-modal feedback.  I would say it is an effective tool for DFA since you can  track students' skill  and scaffold their learning throughout the process of writing.

If you prefer to watch a tutorial in English, follow the one below: 

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