Who are we?

My name is Loli Iglesias and I work as a teacher trainer at the in-service teacher training centre in Getxo. I started  working with teachers who are implementing different subjects  at Secondary level in English fifteen  years ago and this blog was born to offer  teachers  in diverse CLIL contexts at Secondary level  an on-line platform where they could find resources related to different areas in English. I also intended (and I still do) to provide teachers with meaningful information about books, on-line publications, news and events related to CLIL. Last but not least,  this blog was and is aimed at being  a meeting point for all of you who wish  to share your classroom practice and your students' outcomes with other teachers.

Apart from this virtual space,  I have been developing  "real" seminar sessions with teachers from different areas  at the Advisory centre in Getxo  for fifteen years  now. These seminar sessions take place  on Tuesday afternoons  from 15:30 to 17:30.  

If you are interested in the CLIL approach and you want to share your view on it with us, I invite you to join our seminar and/or our virtual community. 

Looking forward to meeting/reading you

Loli Iglesias