STEM is everywhere

Back to work and back to our CLIL Seminar! I am really happy to see so many of you have registered for the seminar and I am eager to start working with all of you on October 9th. Our first seminar will focus on basic resources for the subject areas you are implementing at school and I will try to facilitate your work by providing you with the academic language which  you will need to include in your CLIL suitcase for the whole school year. I will place special emphasis on the language for Science and the language for Geography and History. Besides, you will also get a planning template for your CLIL lessons. 

As many of the participants in the seminar belong to the STEM field, I would like to let you know about "STEM is everywhere" MOOC course. I believe that it  will be a very useful  course  for all teachers who wish to motivate students towards STEM careers because it  offers guidance and practical examples for you to bring real-world problems to your STEM teaching in an entertaining way. The course also aims to connect you with other STEM teachers so that you can share experiences and best practices.

"STEM is everywhere"    is the first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that is fully designed and carried out as part of the Scientix project, the community for Science education in Europe. It is now possible to register for this course that starts on 29 October 2018 and is completely free of charge.

The main objective of this new course is to connect Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) classes with real life and to help teachers to integrate everyday problems into their STEM lessons and practices. For more information about the course and to register, click here.

As I mentioned above, we will meet on October 9th for our first seminar session and I must say I am looking forward to it on its 15th anniversary. 

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