Lesson plans for Innovative Maths teaching

Teachers face an increasing number of challenges in their daily work in the classroom and they often struggle to receive the training or support to address these. The Teacher Academy by the School Education Gateway supports educators to access relevant training opportunities by providing teachers (from Pre-Primary to Upper Secondary) with a platform to search for, participate and evaluate training courses available onsite and online across Europe. 

In 2016 and 2017  Moving to Maths 2.0 course was organized to help   Maths teachers to  foster a sense of curiosity and confidence and also to help students understand the relevance of this competence outside the Maths classroom.  

As part of the course, participants produced lesson plans (also known as learning designs) incorporating many of the ideas, tools, and activities covered on the course. These lesson plans have been curated by a participant editorial board, which has reviewed and selected the lesson plans for publication here in the Teaching Materials section. The members of the participant editorial board were appointed to the board due to their exemplary work and commitment as part of the course and include:
·         Adriana Colda
·         Adriana Laze
·         Anita Šimac
·         Ariana-Stanca Vacaretu
·         Diego Tich
·         Igor Bogdanoski
·         Lorenzo Castilla Mora
·         Mariapia Borghesan
·         Michailidou Christina
·         Virginia Alberti

The lesson plans can be accessed here and are available exclusively in English.
From this virtual space, my heartfelt thanks  to the authors of these lesson plans:
·         Mariapaola Biondi
·         Michela Beoletto
·         Chiara Invernizzi
·         Igor Bogdanoski
·         Ariana-Stanca Vacaretu
·         Virginia Alberti
·         Christina Michailidou
·         Anita Simac
·         Snezana Tosovic
·         Kerli Viidebaum
·         Anastasios Xanthopoulos
·         Lena Kristin Eckhardt
·         Chiara Ghilardi.
·         Giuseppe Vullo
·         Zulmira Magalhaes
·         Alessandra Cadamuro
·         Xenia Xistouri
·         Maria Petrescu
·         Arminda Pereira
·         Lorenzo Castilla Mora
·         Kolipetri Zoi
·         Francesca Romana Beneo
·         Enrica Maragliano

Some lesson plans are aimed at Primary level but most of them are for 12-18-year-old students. Review comments by Maths teachers are also provided. 

The course has concluded but you can still access the modules by registering here.  You will not have the support of the instructors but you will be able to enroll the course and get all contents by clicking on the modules tab above. 

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