Next Tuesday May 26th we will have our last seminar session together. It will also be the second session in which teachers from different curriculum areas will present part of their work to the rest of the group. I am sure all of us  (18 teachers in the group at the moment of writing these lines) will gain a considerable amount of knowledge next Tuesday as we did in the previous session. Right now it is truly difficult for me to choose a topic among the many that make up "the universe of CLIL" and write a final post on it. Therefore, I will just t list the main topics we have developed since October so that all of you can check that your folders are filled up with every topic in this list and  next Tuesday we will decide on   seminar session priorities for our CLIL classes.

This is the list of topics we have covered since October 2014 till May 2015:

- What is CLIL?  What makes it so motivating for students? What makes it different from traditional bilingual instruction?

- Planning a CLIL unit

- Support for CLIL learners

- Interrelation between Content and Language: successful ways to do it

- A deep analysis of BICS and CALPS in CLIL contexts

- Vocabulary instruction in CLIL contexts

- The most useful ICT resources for subjects taught through English

- Assessment and evaluation in CLIL classrooms 

Check that you have the whole pack and ask me if you missed any of the resources for each of the topics above.

I will finish with a recommendation: Cambridge webinar on Supporting Primary and Secondary teachers in CLIL contexts. You can access the slides from here  and you can follow the webinar below these lines:


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