Monday, 27 February 2012

Lesson plans by Jamie Keddie

Jamie Keddie is a European-based teacher, teacher trainer, writer and presenter. He is the founder of Lessonstream, the site that was formerly known as TEFLclips, winner of a British Council ELTons award.

Lessonstream was launched in 2011: It is a place where Jamie Keddie shares his lesson plans and teaching ideas. Most activities that are posted make use of visual material, especially online video. Content is published with a creative commons license which means that teachers are free to remix and republish the materials for non-profit purposes.

Have a look at some examples:

1) "The blue whale"

(Elementary - Upper-Intermediate. Topic: Science)

Are you interested in developing this topic with your students? See  Jamie Keddie's  engaging  lesson plan:

Would you like  your students to reconstruct the text in an entertaining way? Click here to get  your   Blue-whale-word-clouds.

How about generating word clouds yourself? Create the ones that  you need for your purposes in an easy way  with  Wordle

2) "The Venus of Willendorf"

(Elementary and Pre-Intermediate. Topic: Art)

This is  the lesson plan Jamie keddie suggests. 

3) "Say that gramatically"

(Intermediate level. Language related to insurance and compensation. Grammatical variation. Dialects)

Interesting, isn't it? Click here to see the lesson plan. 

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